Corporate Internal Investigations & Compliance

Schertler Onorato Mead & Sears has undertaken many representations of Boards of Directors or management for publicly and privately held companies and other organizations. We have conducted comprehensive and efficient independent internal investigations into a range of compliance issues, including some with potentially significant consequences for the entity involved.

We recognize that anti-corruption, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, antitrust, import/export, money laundering, financial fraud, and other corporate enforcement areas are significant priorities for prosecutors and regulators within multiple agencies of the federal government and that these investigations often extend internationally. As a result, companies and their executives and other employees must be sensitive to compliance issues and potential enforcement risks. Through our corporate internal investigations practice, we aim to provide our clients with an effective blend of business counseling and litigation expertise. On the business side, we work with clients to develop strategies for addressing recurring legal issues proactively to avoid unnecessary scrutiny down the road. On the litigation side, we are experienced in the procedures and strategies of all stages of a potential enforcement or prosecution matter, including pre-trial discovery, negotiations with government agencies when appropriate, and, ultimately, zealous advocacy in the court system for cases that proceed to trial.